Casey, Senior Consultant

"The problems I face with clients are always new, which makes the career both interesting and challenging."


Senior Consultant


California Polytechnic University, Pomona
CFA Charterholder

Previous experience:
  • Fixed Income data analytics
  • Investment management
  • Los Angeles, Santa Barbara
Life outside Estin & Co:
  • Baseball
  • Jiu-jitsu
  • Traveling

Why I joined

The consulting skillset and approach to problem solving is a very valuable tool. In some aspects, it is as though I have continued my studies from Business school as each day I am learning about different industries and improving my strategic thinking.
Estin and Co was a clear choice for me given the pure focus on strategy consulting. The output of our work is incredibly impactful, and often materially changes the course of strategy for our clients. The work we do can be very rewarding when we provide thoughtful analysis and a solid recommendation that benefits the client for years to come.

Life at the firm

The consultants I work alongside are very smart and generous with their time. The managers and vice presidents at Estin & Co have always been willing to take time and explain certain complicated analysis, which is one of the benefits of working in a smaller firm. Outside of work, the London office will organize social events and is quite active in sports. The team also returns periodically to Paris to spend time with the one in France and takes part in firm-wide training programs that further benefit our development.

The daily job

I worked over five years in an analytical role with limited client interaction. My skillset was very focused on financial analysis, and the problems I faced were often very similar in scope. Within the first few months at Estin & Co, I had already traveled to several different client sites across different countries, held one-on-one interviews with clients and analyzed several different industries. The problems I face with clients are always new, which makes the career both interesting and challenging.