Edgar, Senior Consultant

"Estin & Co provides the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally in a dynamic environment where consultants are constantly challenged and supported by peers and mentors."


Senior Consultant


The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management, Marketing and Operations
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Previous experience:
  • Engineering (submarine/defense projects)
  • Marketing (pharmaceuticals)
  • Washington, DC, Seattle, Boston
Life outside Estin & Co:
  • Skiing
  • Traveling
  • Playing guitar

Why I joined

I initially became interested in consulting during business school. In consulting, I saw an opportunity to work in many different industries, apply many of the tools I have learned and help companies with their most difficult problems.

I chose Estin & Co because of their focus on strategy and growth. As an engineer by training and experience, I was very much interested in gaining an overall view of companies and their critical strategic issues. As I learned during the interview process, Estin & Co works with their clients’ key decision makers and almost exclusively deals with these big-picture issues.

Life at the firm

Life at Estin & Co is diverse. With consultants from all over Europe, China and the US like myself, we all have unique backgrounds professionally and personally. These diverse backgrounds provide different points of view for the cases and make the job overall more fun.

The daily job

Everyday is a learning experience at Estin & Co. Every few weeks I am on a new project in a new industry managed by another vice president working with a new set of consultants. I am always being brought up to speed on the new industries, learning the clients and fellow consultants working style, learning a new type of analysis, etc. It is challenging, but more importantly, it is rewarding.