Julie, Senior Consultant

"Estin & Co offers the unique opportunity to work on concrete, high-stake issues within a small and dynamic organization. It is a demanding and enriching experience."


Senior Consultant


HEC Paris, Grande Ecole program, Master in Management

Life outside the firm:
  • Sports: soccer, tennis, running
  • Reading

Why I joined

After graduating from HEC, I was looking for a first job in consulting which would be demanding and where I would learn fast, in a dynamic organization. I chose to join Estin & Co for several reasons:
- I believed the focus on pure strategy would allow me to develop in a very short time frame and to gain experience of the main challenges that business leaders face in growing their company and creating value. - During my interviews, I discovered Estin & Cos powerful approach, which lays down the fundamental issues and uses quantitative analyses to get compare strategic options in an objective, actionable manner.
- Estin & Co works for very large corporations, but also for medium-sized companies for which the range of possible growth strategies is broad and the strategic literature still needs to be written.
- My personal feeling was that each interview I had with Estin & Co taught me something.

Life at the firm

Estin & Co is a rather small firm. As a result we all know the members of our teams very well and very quickly, and consultants can be given a good level of responsibilities on the cases. Trainings are regularly organized to share the main concepts and methodologies of the company and develop the skills of consultants in all business fields. The work atmosphere is excellent amongst the consultants, with regular events organized by the firm or informally.

The daily job

As a consultant, I perform various kinds of analyses that are used as a basis to define the most appropriate strategies for the client. My toolbox consists of existing industry knowledge, market research, interviews, quantitative research and financial modeling when appropriate. I work on all sectors, and on all countries that are of interest to our clients.