Nicolas, Manager

"Every day at Estin holds new challenges. Being open, curious and flexible is the key to finding innovative solutions to achieve our clients' strategic objectives."




ESSEC, Grande Ecole program, MSc in Management

Life outside the firm:
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

Why I joined

After working in transaction services and corporate restructuring for several years, I decided to join Estin & Co in order to broaden my experiences and to gain a different perspective on strategic decision-making. I wanted to work in consulting in order to dive deeply into business fundamentals and to be at the forefront of changing industry dynamics.

The strategy focus of the firm was also decisive in my choice. It requires very varied skills (analysis, finance, strategic reasoning, relationship managementů) and offers great scope for personal development. It is an excellent way of gaining insight into a number of industries within a short timeframe.

Life at the firm

Estin & Co has a collaborative culture and open environment, where diversity of viewpoints is encouraged. Within the firm, many opportunities arise to present your ideas and shape your projects. Only results matter and there is a lot of freedom in terms of how to accomplish them. As the project teams are rather small, there is a lot of exposure to clients and senior management starting from day one. It is challenging and rewarding to see your analyses and conclusions debated at every project and client meeting.

In addition to client work, there are frequent training sessions to keep up with the latest industry trends and to deepen our expertise in finance and strategy. Moreover, we have a chance to get to know our colleagues outside the professional context over regular drinks.

The daily job

We work in a dynamic environment where we are exposed to a wide variety of industries. And with offices in Paris, London, Zurich, New York and Shanghai, we also have the opportunity to work with a large range of international clients. When we are working on a project, we are thinking about more than just how to solve a particular problem. We are reflecting on how we think about the world, how our views have evolved, how business models have shifted, what our strategy has been and what it will become. Having the opportunity to discuss these viewpoints with partners at the firm as well as with clients has been an extremely rewarding experience.