Sixue, Senior Consultant

"Different cultures are respected and team spirit is encouraged at Estin & Co. The international projects allow me to travel and to contact different people around the world, which is an interesting experience."


Senior Consultant


Fudan University, Bachelor of Laws in Public Administration
University of Chicago, Master of Public Policy

Life outside the firm:
  • Playing piano
  • Hiking and travelling
  • Cooking and bakery

Why I joined

When I graduated from the University of Chicago, I decided to have a first work experience in consultancy where I could learn quickly and develop the professional skills required in business and management. I chose Estin & Co because:
-Its focus on pure strategy would enable me to gain a deep understanding of business logic across various industries from consumer goods to specialty chemicals; it would also give me the opportunity to work with the top management of our clients.
-I would be able to work in an international environment: the companies we work for and the problem we help them solve are multinational and I am in contact with colleagues in all our five offices.

Life at the firm

Estin & Co is a boutique consultancy, which makes the relationships between colleagues very close. I enjoyed the friendly and collaborative atmosphere in the Shanghai office as our team is really helpful, motivated and inspiring. My career advisor is always open to questions about the case or anything else. On cases, we always have the opportunity to discuss with the managers and VPs directly within a small team. Though the daily work is challenging, we maintain a balance by having lunches together as well as drinks after work.

The daily job

As a senior consultant, I can be faced with all kinds of research and analyses: expert interviews, desk research, financial modeling, etc. I interact with clients based on those analyses. As we have a growing office in China, I also spend some of time in marketing and developing our business in China, which is a challenging but very fulfilling process.