Thomas, Manager

"Estin & Co offers the unique opportunity to work on concrete, high-stake issues within a small and dynamic organization. It is a demanding and enriching experience."




Ecole Polytechnique, “Ingénieur Polytechnicien program,” Undergraduate studies and Master of Science in Quantitative Economics & Finance
HEC Paris, Master of Science in Strategic Management

Life outside the firm:
  • Football, tennis, kitesurf
  • Traveling

Why I joined

After my graduation, I decided to begin my professional career in strategy consulting and was looking for a challenging and stimulating environment. A few specific criteria were key in my decision to join Estin & Co:
- I was eager to focus my work on strategic issues. Short assessments on very diverse industries have enabled to enhance my skills and knowledge on corporate and business strategies as well as on strategic due diligences. Dealing with businesses at different stages of their lifecycles and being exposed to very different markets and economic structures has taught me a lot.

- Estin & Co also differentiates itself by its specific approach to assist business leaders in the challenges they take up and by a few core beliefs underlying our work. I was able to discover them during my interviews and thanks to the firm’s publications. The highly analytical approach combined with the focus on growth linked to the concept of value creation was key in my decision.

- I wanted to join a small international boutique because I was convinced it would enable me to take more responsibilities than in a large consulting firm.

These three points provided with the opportunity to have a direct impact for our clients that would reap benefits in the long term.

Life at the firm

Life at Estin & Co is an extremely stimulating, challenging and fast-paced experience. We work in lean teams, which proves to be a fantastic opportunity for young professionals to learn from our most senior managers and partners. Collaborative work, innovative thinking and initiative taking is highly regarded and valued.
I also enjoy the fact that our specific positioning and approach enables to create strong relationships with our colleagues. I value a lot the informal yet professional work atmosphere we have at Estin & Co which is epitomized by the numerous teams drinks or post-project dinners we share.

The daily job

Our job is to provide our clients with strategic options that will create value in an ever-changing business environment.
As a senior consultant, my work is more specifically to build up an argued and consistent view on the module I have been assigned. This entails collecting and analyzing information from very different sources (client, expert interviews, market research…), creating strategic and financial models, debating and challenging our approach with colleagues during meetings, interacting with our clients…