Yannick, Senior Consultant

"Estin & Co provides the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally in a dynamic environment where consultants are constantly challenged and supported by peers and mentors."


Senior Consultant


University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (HSG), Master in Strategy and International
Management and Bachelor in Business Administration
National Taiwan University (Taiwan), Master in Business Administration

Previous experience:
  • M&A / Corporate Finance advisory (PwC)
  • Group Strategy (Lufthansa Group)
  • Corporate Development (Swiss International Airlines)
Life outside Estin & Co:
  • Running, mountain biking, snowboarding, scuba diving
  • Piano
  • Art & photography
  • Exploring new countries and cultures

Why I joined

After finishing my Masterís in Strategy and International Management I was looking for a stimulating job: one where I would be challenged and where I would have meaningful contributions. Thanks to its specialization in growth strategies, Estin & Co was offering me a unique chance to work on strategic questions for key decision makers of large and mid-sized corporations in Europe, North America and Asia.

Life at the firm

When I started, Estin & Coís new joiner training program helped me get acquainted with the company, my colleagues and the tools which I would use in my daily work. After completing the training, I was instantly staffed on my first project. Throughout the first weeks and months in the firm, it was helpful to have senior colleagues regularly give me some guidance, allowing me to learn on the job even faster. As time went by, I have been trusted with increasing responsibilities and working in such a rewarding environment has been extremely motivating for me.

Besides our daily job, regular training sessions, case-team dinners and social events across our offices in Paris, London, Zurich, New York and Shanghai help us getting to know each other on a personal level and strengthening our team spirit.

The daily job

My daily job as a senior consultant at Estin & Co is multifaceted. On the one hand, it includes a variety of quantitative and qualitative analyses supplemented by critical judgment. On the other hand, it involves regular client interactions, leveraging the clientís knowledge and experience to critically challenge our results and recommendations. This highly iterative process enables us to answer our clientís strategic questions in the end.