Electricity production in France – Who will pay?

The State and the national collectivity, just like any company, have to make choices. In terms of electricity production, they will not have it all. They have to define priorities. And decide who will pay for them.

Published in La Jaune et La Rouge, October 2012

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Exposure to emerging markets

In the May 2012 release of “Challenges”, Estin & Co discusses the positive impact of the exposure to emerging markets of the largest French quoted companies.

Published in Challenges, May 2012

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The cost of growth

Costs do not depend solely on scale effects or factor costs. They also depend on growth, its level and its speed. How to correctly account for growth when assessing profitability and making decisions on corporate portfolio ? How to redeploy costs and resources intelligently to achieve non dilutive growth?

Published in Le Cercle les Echos (L’espace débat des Echos), April 2012

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In times of crisis, rethink growth

The research of growth drivers is more than ever a theme at the heart of leaders. Joachim Vallée, Manager at the firm Estin & Co, speaks about the challenges of projects at his firm.

Published in Hommes et Commerce, February-March 2012

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“10 concepts for growth”

Growth must come from the CEO

Growth must come from the CEO

To create value, it is necessary to grow faster than 10% a year. To reach such a rate, the role of Top Management is critical. Without it, growth ambitions cannot be achieved. Leaving them up to the organization generally results in failure. How can Top Management create a growth dynamic?

Growing through acquisitions: two disruptive models

Growing through acquisitions: two disruptive models

To create value over the long term, it is necessary to grow. More and more, acquisitions form an integral part of growth strategies. Two models exist: the systemization of strategic acquisitions and the industrialization of organic (bolt-on) acquisitions. Those two modes require a strong, driven approach from management.

Growing by developing a new pillar

Paradoxically enough, successful companies often face a growth issue. They have developed strong positions thanks to a competitive and differentiating model which generates strong profitability and cash flows. However, their growth is low: markets are often mature and growing slowly; it is difficult and expensive to gain market share. There is one possible option: developing a new pillar.