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What’s next?

As every year, here are our core assumptions on macro scenarios which will underly corporate strategic options. Let us have a dream. With efficient and swift vaccination campaigns, a recovery in 2021 is confirmed. This recovery is uneven. China beacons from afar with 8% growth in 2021 on top of 2% growth in 2020. Overall, […]

Les grands holdings familiaux : des objets mal identifiés ?

A l’issue de quarante années de forte croissance de l’économie et des bourses mondiales, les successions et cessions provenant de la recomposition d’industries ont généré un nombre important de holdings familiaux de grande taille dont l’ambition dépasse la simple diversification de risques patrimoniale. En France, il y a aujourd’hui plus de 50 holdings familiaux de […]

Winners and losers: the gap is widening

Contrary to the hopes of some, the economic and competitive world of tomorrow will be just like the one of yesterday, but with more contrasts and speed in its evolution. The health and economic crisis has sharply accelerated the major dynamics in the development of certain businesses, technologies, customer access methods, geographies… at the expense […]

Disruption or Acceleration?

  Global GDP is likely to fall by 3% in 2020. This is the largest economic downturn since 1945, albeit not at the same magnitude than at the time or during the 1929 crisis. For companies, additional credit will not compensate for losses in capital and value. The only companies to come out of the […]

The energy transition… towards what?

The exceptional global economic growth of the past 70 years is today threatened by three strong factors. The pressure induced on the middle classes, which results in temptations of national withdrawal and protectionism. The fight against climate change linked to the use of fossil fuels which results – beyond energy savings and changes in the […]

What ambition?

One of the critical roles of boards and chairpersons of large groups is to define the level of ambition for their companies and shareholders in terms of growth and return to share to shareholders. If this level is too high, the risks entailed may lead to losing independence; if it is too low, the company […]

The illusion of low interest rates

The illusion of low interest rates A recent article in the French magazine Challenges discusses Jean Estin’s latest article, “The illusion of low interest rates.” Published in Challenges, October 2016 Read more  

Mr. François Guibert appointed Senior Advisor to Estin & Co

Mr. François Guibert appointed Senior Advisor to Estin & Co Estin & Co is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. François Guibert as Senior Advisor to the firm starting September 15, 2016. Mr. Guibert will advise Estin & Co on its strategy for Asia and will contribute to its development in this fast-growing region. […]

Décideurs rankings of the best consulting firms

Décideurs rankings of the best consulting firms For the third year in a row, Estin & Co appears in 2016 in the Décideurs rankings as one of the very top firms in strategy consulting and as the n°1 boutique in strategy consulting in France. Published in Décideurs Collection Guide-Annuaire 2016 Read more

The magic of long-term growth

The magic of long-term growth In The magic of long-term growth, Estin & Co argues that strategic theory has always differentiated between high-growth and low-growth businesses, but that the most discriminating perspective as to value creation is not the magnitude of growth, but its duration. The magazine Les Echos features Estin & Co’s analysis in […]